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Roof Water & Damp Proofing

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Why Waterproof / Damp proof Your Home/Building ?

Presence of any unwanted moisture content in the structure of a building; either intrusion from outside or condensation from within the structure is known as dampness. In order to maintain a good condition and value for your property and also avoid a number of health hazards associated with it, damp proofing is absolutely essential. Once dampness seeps in your property, it is very difficult and expensive to manage the damage. Hence waterproofing or dampproofing your property is very important.

Some of the ill effects of water seepage and dampness are;

  1. Peeling or deterioration of the plaster, paint and wallpaper
  2. Rotting of wood and rusting of steel and iron fasteners
  3. Crumbling mortar and bricks
  4. Damp Floor and carpet
  5. Falling tiles

It can also cause serious health problems like infections, asthma, allergenic or immunological illness and other nonallergic illness because of the pollution in the indoor air due to access moisture.

Need for Waterproofing and Dampproofing

Dampness can be caused due to a number of factors.

  1. Penetrating damp in which water enters the structure of a building though a weak point, like penetrable bricks, broken roof tile or gaps in window frames.
  2. Rising damp – this is when water content from the earth slowly rises upwards through various building materials and thus entering the structure of the building.
  3. Condensation – the condensed air in our home soon become little droplets of water which usually accumulate in the corners of window frames and other cold surfaces. General household activities like bathing and cooking also cause condensation at home.

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What is WaterProofing ?

Water proofing or Damp proofing involves applying an impermeable damp proofing material to walls to prevent water content seeping through from the exterior to the interior, protecting a structure from various forms of dampness.

Why us?

We are experienced Waterproofing contractors based in Cape Town, WC. Our Company provides one stop shop for all your waterproofing and dampproofing needs. With years of experience and expertise our waterproofing services we can provide you a state-of-the-art solution.

Our company with professionally qualified manpower, understand your problems and offer premium damp proofing / water proofing products and services in and around Cape Town, Western Cape.

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We as an experienced residential / commercial home / office building waterproofing company specializes in identifying the root cause of dampness and water seepage and accordingly offering the right treatment for a long lasting results. We are experienced and qualified in various techniques to resolve each issue according to the client’s need in the most effective way possible. We offer a timely solution and that too at an affordable cost. We guarantee the quality of our work and also offer warranties on the products used by us.

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