At CPT Painters we are prepared to paint any surface in your home. This includes being the roof painters Cape Town for rejuvenation of your roof. We offer the best exterior, multi-surface paint for painting your roof. Roof painting Cape Town is essential and painting your roof can offer protection from the sun. It can also be used for water proofing to make certain the interior of your home stays dry and comfortable. Another reason to paint your roof is to add value to your property!

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Prior to coming to your home to paint, we will work with you to pick the best paint and color for your home. Once your paint is chosen we will prepare the roof for paint. We will measure to make certain we bring the correct amount of paint. Our roof painting contractors Cape Town will then, if the roof is tiled, ensure all tiles are secure and whole.

If the roof is metal, we will make certain that it is in good shape prior to painting. If the roof is corrugated, we will wash it down with a solution to remove any grease or residue. Once any repairs are made we will pressure wash the roof to clean the surface. Cleaning it ensures the paint will stick to the surface. We can do portions of your roof or your whole roof.


We will do all that is necessary to get the job done. We can repair and seal roofs as well. Our team will work on garages as well as homes. We work with commercial properties as well including schools, office buildings, corporations, clubs, malls, hotels, and many other locations.

Roof painting service can be costly and time consuming. We aim to give you quality work in a great time period and service for the best price. We want to be known as a professional and expert roof painting company in Cape Town. We will work with you in all aspects of the project. We want to make certain that you are happy with our work and our company.

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