Cape Town Painting Contractors available to paint your home

  • Painting of the entire house
  • Interior, exterior and roof
  • All prepwork and Finishing

All of Cape Town including: Rondebosch, Diepriver, Bergvliet, Newlands, Observatory, Constantia, Claremont, Wynberg, Camps Bay including Southern & Northern Suburbs.

Get a FREE Quote for Painting Your 3 Bedroom House

Are you looking for a quote for the price for painting a 3-bed house? It all depends on whether you are painting the interior, exterior or both. In the end, a contractor will either charge a going rate or daily rate.

Others may even charge you per m2. The following are some of the things that you ought to put into consideration:

The Type Of Paint

Don’t just go for any type of paint. The quality should be good enough to last for between 5 and 7 years for the exterior. This will definitely determine the price to paint a 3-bedroom house outside.

If you use cheap paint, it will peel off in just a few years thus requiring a brand new coating.

Price For Painting A 3 Bedroom House In Cape Town

The Prep Work

A painter will have to remove loose paint and other dirt before they start working on your house. It is, therefore, important that the cost to paint a 3-bedroom house inside includes this aspect. Included in the cost is what you will pay for to sand rough surfaces, prime bare wood, cover dark stains, and apply epoxy filler.

The Painting Method:

If the contractor is going to spray the paint, the cost to paint a 3-bedroom house exterior will be cheaper. That is because spraying is faster. Hand brushing, on the other hand, is slower and more expensive. Funny enough hand brushing provides more permanent results.

Price For Painting A 3 Bedroom House In Cape Town

Finishing Touches:

There are a few final touches that will be done in your home. They include re-finishing, varnishing, and painting the front door with a matching colour. All these will add to the cost to paint a 3-bedroom house interior. The painter will also have to give a coating to the drain pipes, mailboxes, and street numbers.

Before you invite a painter to work on your home, ensure you replace and rotten wood or siding. If the boards are just loose, make sure you fix them before any form of painting begins. This will definitely be an addition to the price for painting a 3-bed house. It will however be cheaper or expensive depending on how much damage has been caused.

If you opt to change the colour of your home from a light to a darker one, then be prepared to pay more. After all, you will need a thicker coat to complete the job.

So why don’t you talk with us at CPT Builders for a painting quote that will help you save a lot of money?