Painting Your Garage Floor In Cape Town

Are you considering painting your garage floor? You should remember that this is a concrete floor you are dealing with. Such a floor can be damaged by the effects of chemicals and abrasion of not taken good care of.

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One of the reasons to paint the garage interior is to prevent holes, cracks, and additional issues that come with time and increased use. Where these issues are already happening you can talk with painting contractors to give you a good quote.

In the quote, expect the cost of painting double garages to be more than twice that of single garages. Of course, part of the cost will be made up of the concrete paint. The color of the concrete paint really doesn’t matter.

The following are some of the things that will go into determining the cost to be included in the quote:

Repairs To The Concrete

It is possible that your garage interior is in a state of disrepair. Before you start coating, first ensure that you patch it up. Single out the larger and widespread cracks on the garage floor for repair. The painting contractors will ensure that the fresh concrete is allowed to cure first.


Just like wall paint, it is important that you prime the floor before it is painted. The cost of concrete primers will eventually be part of the final cost estimate. But first double garage painters will have to consider whether the work will require priming or not.

Painting Your Garage Floor In Cape Town

Whether You Are Using A Concrete Paint Or Stain

Concrete paint by its nature comes in solid colors that can temporarily change the color of the garage floor. That is because the paint will wear off with time. However, if you want a more permanent change in the color of the garage floor, consider using a concrete stain.

It has a water and acid-base that reacts with the concrete to change the color of the floor permanently. You will have to apply a top clear coat to protect the new color.

Labor Costs

It is going to cost the contractor in terms of labor to have your garage interior painted. Whether it is the floor, walls, or painting the garage roof, the money used to pay the workers will be factored into the final estimate. After all, the entire work is being taken care of by the experts.

Make sure you talk to some painting contractors for a quote of the costs.