Painting a Granny Flat in Cape Town (2)

You have just bought a granny flat in Cape Town and now you must have it painted. After all, any house you occupy must be inhabitable enough. However, repainting your granny flat will cost you in terms of money. But just how much will you pay?

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It is best that you talk to some of the best contractors in your neighborhood. They will take you through what granny flat interior painting will cost. That is beside determining how much you will pay for the exterior painting.

How Much Will Exterior Painting Cost?

It is possible to get a different quote from a similar one in the neighborhood, even one contractor. The painter will have to factor the following in the eventual quote:

  • The prep work
  • Fascias
  • How many windows you have
  • The surface on which the painting will be done
  • How tall the building is
  • Whether the ground is flat or not
  • The quality of paint to be used

Apart from doing the prep work, the exterior painter will also have to get rid of the old paint and clean the walls. That is where painting the whole granny flat starts.

Painting a Granny Flat in Cape Town

How Much Will Interior Painting Cost?

There isn’t any major difference between interior and exterior painting. The cost may, therefore, vary between two houses, even if they have the same square footage. When quoting the price, the contractor will take the following into consideration:

  • The prep work
  • Windows
  • Trim work such as architraves
  • Doors
  • Ceiling heights
  • Feature walls

In the end, it is more expensive to paint the interior of a granny flat as compared to the exterior. It all boils down to the fact that the interior has more square feet when compared to the exterior. Other factors such as the doors, ceilings, furniture, and carpets lead to an escalation in the final cost. If anything, the painter will need to protect the carpets and furniture as well as the skirting boards before they start painting. That will definitely add to the overall cost of the job.

So why don’t you talk to a contractor today for a quote on the cost of painting a granny flat? The earlier you do it, the faster you can get the painting works in your granny flat going. Apart from saving time, you will also end up saving a lot of money.