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Exterior Painting Contractors Cape Town

Our company does not only do interior painting, we are also the most sought out exterior painters in Cape Town. Our team will do any exterior paint job from touch ups around the outside to painting the whole home fully. We are delighted to be a full service company. We will fully prepare the outside of the home to be painted.

This includes ensuring any paneling or wood is in good condition, then priming the outside of the house. Our exterior house painters will then make the surface free of any debris or loose paint. This will ensure that the finished product is professional looking.

We will then take the time to remove any mold, mildew or dirt. We clean the outside of the home to make certain that the paint will adhere to the surface. Our exterior home painters Cape Town will also seal any cracks to ensure the paint job is perfect for many years and you do not have any water damage.

Covering all the windows and doors makes certain overspray does not get on any of these surfaces. We also cover door trim and window sills. We want to ensure your home looks great in the end.


We have several colors of exterior outdoor paint to choose from. We have the tools and knowledge to complete any job. Our team will also clean gutters on your home to ensure they do not get backed up and they drain well.

We repair fascia as well. If you are not ready for your home to be painted, we are more than willing to come and use a pressure washer to remove any mold or mildew from the outside of your home as well as any surrounding walls. Our team will provide the best service and fantastic paint job for the best price in Cape Town.

Our team will also work on commercial buildings including office buildings, apartments, and condos. Our exterior paint will hold up to any weather. This includes rain, sun, or frost. Our team has years of experience making us the premiere exterior residential painters painting your home.

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