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Our mission is to become the first choice interior and exterior painting company for any prospective customer. Our staff have been taught to be as courteous as possible to the customer and to always know that the customer is always right. They have been trained to be professional in every way and to always deliver the best possible painting job that they can. As an ever growing concern we employ only trained professionals. Our outdoor and indoor painting staff have many years of experience and are very knowledgeable in their field being able to spot problems with water ingress and are experts at crack repairs. We only use top quality paints that give the customer many years of use.

residential painting cape town A large part of our company is dedicated to High pressure cleaning of roofs as well as the walls to remove any and all excess flaking of the existing coating. The cleaning out of all gutters is done routinely when HP cleaning a roof. The high pressure cleaning of roofs would include all roofing types including asbestos big six roof sheets. We then have a specialised coating that when applied to the asbestos sheet seals the asbestos and prevents mold regrowth.

We also do sanding and sealing of windows and doors taking care to remove the existing sealer and then applying a high quality sealer to prevent damage from the harsh South African sun. Sealing of windows not only applies to the wood but also to applying a silicone sealant around the window frame to prevent water ingress. Removing of old cracked putty on windows can be done to prevent the panes cracking and water seeping in causing damage to the inside of the windows. View our project gallery here.

Sanding and painting of the gutters and fascia’s is undertaken with expert care and any repairs to potentially damaged gutters or rotten fascia’s is also part of our scope of works. Our staff know through many years in their field how to go about repairing all cracks and then waterproofing and sealing thereof. We as a company are always looking to the future and with this in mind constantly has their staff on training to improve the way things are done on site. We also work closely with our suppliers to make sure that only the best materials are used so as to benefit the client’s project as much as possible.

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