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Leading Painting Contractors Cape Town



  1. Cleaning of Gutters, Repairs to Fascias
  2. High Pressure Cleaning ( Roof / Walls)
  3. Opening, Water Proofing, Repair, Sealing, Sanding of Putty, Plaster and Cracks
  4. Ceiling Removal, Repairs and Painting
  5. Mold treatment, Damp And Waterproofing
  6. Skirtings, Cornices and all other Final Touches 
  7. All Internal / External House walls, Roofs and Boundary Walls.

Our Work Includes

  • Apartments, Flats
  • Garages, Bathrooms, Kitchens, Living Rooms
  • Foyers, Recreational, TV Rooms
  • Decks, Fences, Patios
  • Partitions, Dry walls, Basically All Walls
  • Floors, Roofs Ceilings
  • Office, Business Buildings
  • Factories, Warehouses
  • Cabins, Log Homes
  • Hospitals, Clinics
  • Colleges, Schools, Retail Spaces
  • Shops, Malls, Resorts, Restaurants, Night Clubs, Body Corporate’s


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Who We Are

First off, we would like to thank you for choosing us to take on your home or business painting project. We have been providing exceptional painting services in Cape Town for the longest time. As such, you can expect only the best when you count on us.

At CPT Painters we deliver professionalism, quality and value for money.  We pride ourselves on all three fronts and offer one of the best painting services in Cape Town. Using only premium materials and working to the specification of each customer, we go above and beyond to ensure we fully understand the needs of the painting job before we get to work.

Whether you are looking for a premium look that needs to be super durable or it is a priority that the painting company you choose uses only environmentally and eco-friendly paints, our Cape Town painters know that the needs and wants of the customer are at the forefront of any painting job that we undertake.

22+ Years Of Painting Experience

cape town painting contractors

With over 22 YEARS EXPERIENCE and a string of satisfied commercial, industrial, domestic and residential customers who have employed our painting service it is easy to see why so many people looking to upgrade the décor  and look of their home or workplace choose our painters in Cape Town. We employ tradespeople with only the best painting and decoration skills and our staff stay with us for years.

As stated above, our painting contractors only use the very best painting materials and we can advise you on the best paint products for your home, business or any other location for the painting project. Whether you are looking to touch up the paint in the bathroom, decorate the bedroom, paint the office or rejuvenate the shop floor, we use only the very best materials to bring you the very best painting services for the most competitive price in Cape Town.

We have grown from strength to strength on account of our INTEGRITY, HONESTY, EXPERTISE and willingness to take the satisfaction of our clients to a whole new level. We have also been built through word of mouth referrals by happy customers.

We work with brands like Dulux and Plascon utilizing paint ranges such as Double Velvet, Super Universal Enamel, water based Velvaglo and Sure Coat Gloss Enamel. We also work with specialized eco-friendly paints such as Self-Coat Eco paints to deliver projects that need to meet a specific environmentally friendly goal.

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bathroom paint job

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Value, Response & Process

Apart from doing a sterling job, our painters in Cape Town will also ensure that your family is safe and your possessions are protected during the project. Instead of getting your hands dirty or ruining your belongings, why not entrust CPT Painters with the the complete painting project? As the preferred Cape Town painter of choice, we have a wide selection of painting services in store for you including anything industrial, commercial or residential. From bathroom or kitchen painting to touching up the walls on your bedroom to larger paint projects for warehouses or factories.

Providing Valueresidential-home-paint

We are experts and never cut corners. Instead, we will provide you with the long term value you are looking for. We achieve this by providing the best painting services in Cape Town, utilizing the highest quality paints and techniques you deserve. This will guarantee complete satisfaction once the paint work is done


We are always prompt to respond to any questions you might have. Our painting contractors will walk you through the process so that you understand what is going on. Our team will address any final touch-ups or concerns you raise before finishing final payment is dealt with.

The Process

The duration of your project will depend on size and specifications. We will spend some time on the site reviewing the requirements before setting up a plan of action. Then, we will clean and prepare the site before we get started.

First, we will sand the walls down and apply a chemical wash. Then, we will use a primer and a caulk and fill before re-sanding. After that, we will apply a base and wait for it to dry before adding the best quality top coat in the market. Once we are done and the paint has dried, we will perform a thorough cleanup of the room. By so doing, we ensure that the premises are spick and span, with no mess left over for you to deal with.